Kenya safaris

Kenya safaris

Kenya safari prices at the bottom.
Other than the sampled Kenya safari holiday tours, we also create tailor-made Kenya safari itineraries to suit individual and/or group Kenya safari interests.
If therefore you do not find Kenya safaris that meets your requirement, please send us an e-mail telling us your Kenya safari ideas and we will work together to design your dream holiday Kenya safari.
While doing this we advise to give attention to preferred mode of Kenya safari transportation, levels of Kenya safari accommodation, Kenya safari Wildlife parks of interest, Kenya safari tour duration, Kenya safari group size, Kenya safari budget and activities of Kenya safari interest. All our Kenya Road Safaris depart daily subject to minimum 2 persons booking.

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What is Safari?
Meaning of Kenya safari .

A safari is a tour, journey, usually a trip by tourists to Kenya and Tanzania in Africa. Traditionally, the term was used for a big game hunt, but today the term often refers to a trip taken not for the purposes of hunting, but to observe and photograph animals and other wildlife. There are some other things that kenya safaris can be used for such as hiking and sight-seeing.


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We have Kenya safari options ranging from luxury lodges to affordable mobile camping for 2 man tents. Our helpful tour guide details most of the options available to create your perfect Kenya safari holiday and offers on our selection of the best safari tours.
We cater for groups safaris and individuals safaris. We offer a wide range of set tours from which to choose from or have us assist you to tailor your Kenya safari tour to suit your taste, budget and style.
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Tour cost for Kenya safari packages.

Nairobi National Park -Giraffe Center-Karen Blixen From US$ 130
Day trip tour to Lake Nakuru National park From US$ 250
Day Trip - Amboseli National Park From US$ 250
1 Day Tsavo East National Park From US$ 235
2 Days 1 night Lake Nakuru National Park From US$ 375
2 days Masai Mara tour safari holiday From US$ 425
2 Days 1 Night: Amboseli National Park From US$ 400
2 Days 1 Night : Tsavo East/ West National Park From US$ 499
2 nights Amboseli National Park From US$ 575
3 Days Maasai Mara, Kenya budget camping From US$ 375
Mara 3 Days Budget Group holiday Safari From US$ 345
3 Days Maasai mara Lodge safari From US$
3 days masai mara flying package From US$ 822
Flying package.
3 Days Samburu Game Reserve Flying Safari
From US$ 750
3 Days 2 Nights Tsavo East / West National Park From US$ 600
3 Days 2 Nights Tsavo East | Amboseli National park From US$ 600
4 days 3 Nights Lake Nakuru Park and Masai Mara Camping Safari. From US$ 850
4 Days 3 Nights Tsavo East | Amboseli | Tsavo West National Park From US$ 800
5 Days 4 Nights Luxury flying package Nairobi, Samburu and Masai Mara. From US$ 1975
5 Days 4 Nights Samburu, Lake Nakuru, Maasai From US$ 1,100
5 Days 4 Nights Amboseli, Lake Nakuru, Masai Mara From US$ 1,100
5 Days 4 Nights - Ngutuni Taita, saltlick, Tsavo West, Amboseli From US$ 1,200
5 Days Kenya Safari Holiday packages, Aberdares, Nakuru, Maasai Mara From US$ 1140
6 Days 5 Nights Aberdares, Samburu, Lake Nakuru, Masai Mara From US$ 1,350
6 days Kenya Group Holiday Safari From US$ 1134
7 days Kenya Camping Safari to Masai Mara, Nakuru, Amboseli From US$ 1099
6 Nights 7 days Group Holiday Kenya vacation, Samburu, Aberdare, Nakuru, Masai Mara From US$ 1250
7 Days 6 Nights Ngutuni, Taita saltlick, Ziwani sanctuary, Amboseli, Tsavo West, Tsavo East From US$ 1,400
8 Days 7 Nights Aberdares, Samburu, Sweet Water, Lake Nakuru, Masai Mara From US$ 1,800
8 Days 7 Nights Amboseli, Nairobi, Samburu, Sweet Water, Lake Nakuru, Masai Mara From US$ 1,750
Hot air balloon ride From US$ 470
8_Days_Missionary_Tour_Safari_Kenya INQUIRE
9 Days_Tsavo East_Tsavo West_Amboseli_Lake Nakuru_Bogoria_Masai Mara From US$ 1,900
10_Days_Mission_Tour_and_medical_Camp_in_Kenya INQUIRE
10_days_Mt_Kenya_Sirimon_chogoria_safari_combined_Lake Nakuru_Masai_Mara_safari From US$ 1,490
11_Days_Aberdares_Lake Nakuru_Maasai Mara_Amboseli_Mombasa_Kenya_coast From US$ 2,470
11_Days_10_Nights_Tsavo East_Tsavo West_Amboseli_Lake Naivasha_Lake Nakuru_Bogoria_Masai_Mara From US$ 2,250
16_days_Tsavo East_West_Amboseli_Nairobi_Samburu_Aberdare_Lake Nakuru_Bogoria_Sweet_Masai Mara From US$ 3,400