safari in Tanzania
Africa wildlife, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater
4 Days Tanzania tour safari
In the four days you will cover two parks, You will start out the tour at Lake Manyara National Park which is famous for its “tree-climbing” lions. The variety of habitats is equivalent to its exceptional scenery which will amaze you.

Then proceed to Ngorongoro Crater, which supports all year round variety of wildlife. It is regarded as a natural wonder of the world and has been declared a World Heritage Site. On the crater floor, the grassland blends very well into swamps, lakes, rivers, woodland and mountains –all a haven for wildlife, including the greatest predator population in Africa. You will have no trouble spotting the rhino, lion, elephant, buffalo and other species of plain animals- wildebeest, zebra, reed buck, Thompson gazelle. It is an attraction in its own right and is one of the wonders of the natural world. Departure Dates and Rates

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Tour Length:
3 Nights Itinerary:
The tour commences with Lunch at Impala Hotel, at 1230hrs in Arusha. After lunch depart to Lake Manyara.

Dinner and overnight at Kirurumu Tented Lodge or similar

Enjoy a morning game drive in Lake Manyara National Park. Lunch at the lodge. Then drive to Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

Lake Manyara National Park, covers 330 sq. km, 70% of which is occupied by the lake. The variety of habitats parallels its exceptional scenery. The varied ecosystem consists of ground water forests, acacia woodland and open grassland along the lakeshore and sustains a wealth of wildlife, including the Big Five -leopard, lion, rhino, elephant and buffalo. The park is famous for the elusive tree-climbing lions that inhabit the woodland between the lake and the Rift Valley. most amazingly large pods of hippos congregate at the rivers emerging into the lake, and the birdlife is plentiful

Dinner and overnight Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge

After breakfast, collect picnic lunches and depart for Ngorongoro crater. Descend 600m to the floor of the crater for half day tour. Covering 260 sq. km, you will explore the forest areas where you will spot, buffalo, lion, rhino, elephant and many species of plain animals - wildebeest, zebra, Thompson gazelle. Here you will understand why the crater is an attraction in its own right and is one of the wonders of the natural world.

Dinner and overnight Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge

Today you will depart for an early morning game drive in the park. After the game drive return to the lodge for breakfast and thereafter check out and drive to Arusha to arrive for lunch at Impala Hotel. Transfer to your hotel of Airport to catch your onward flight

Lake Manyara National Park
Lake Manyara National Park is located in the northern Tanzania covering an area of about 330sq km of which 70%, upto 200 sq km, is occupied by the lake when the water levels are high. The ecosystem in the region is diverse and it consists of ground water forests, acacia woodland and open grassland along the lakeshore and sustains a wealth of wildlife whose inhabitants include hippos, monkeys, flamingos and other varieties of birdlife. More than 400 species have been recorded. The park is famous for the elusive tree-climbing lions that inhabit the woodland between the lake and the Rift Valley.
Serengeti is most famous for its annual migration and widely regarded as the best wildlife reserve in Africa due to its density of predators and prey. The park which lies in the north of the country covers an area of 15,000 sq km of grassland plains, savanna as well as riverine forest and woodlands hosts more than 3 million large mammals.
The park supports many species of animals, including topi, eland, hyna, waterbuck, baboon, African wild dog, gazelle, cheetah, Thomson’s and Grant’s gazelle, The big five : elephant, lion, buffalo, leopard and rhino. The park also boasts more than five hundred bird species.
The Swahili Classic package will help you discover the history and culture of Zanzibar. You also spend some time at the beach. Zanzibar’s history is connected with its earlier role as a transit market for slaves and ivory. Zanzibar is a fusion of cultures and African Arab and Persian influences are prominent. You will see ruins of palaces and ancient mosques’, a Sultans harem, and the Mangapwani slave caves. In addition you will get to eat a Swahili lunch and take a half-day cultural tour. Your stay will be at Tembo House, an elegant hotel located on the sea front of Stone Town- the cultural heart of Zanzibar.
This area’s main attraction is the Ngorongoro Crater, fondly known as “Africa’s Garden of Eden”. A candidate for the new seven wonders of the world, this massive crater holds it own in that category. Being the world’s largest unbroken caldera, Ngorongoro is home to over 25,000 animals. It is considered one of the best game viewing spots in the world with a chance to see the big five, zebras and wildebeests. The crater holds almost every individual species of wildlife in East Africa including the extremely rare and critically endangered Black Rhino.
Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing
Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and is the highest walkable summit in the world. The peaks of Mawenzi (5132 m) and Kibo (5895 m) have permanent snow and ice. On the climb, you move from a tropical to an arctic environment in a just a few days. You first pass through lush rain forests, before reaching heather and open moorland. Further upwards you reach the almost lunar landscape of an alpine desert between the two peaks.

Africa wildlife tour safaris in Kenya.

Maasai Mara Game Reserve is Africa’s greatest wildlife and the world’s most famous safari destination, located in Kenya. The Masai Mara is famous for the Great Wildebeest migration - 8th wonder of the world - , roaming lions and of course the hospitable Maasai people. The 1,510 sq km reserve has a habitat ranging from riverine forests to grasslands doted with acacia tree famed for being leopard resting points. The Masai Mara is part of the ecosystem that includes the equally famous Serengeti of Tanzania . The wildlife variety is truly overwhelming: Thomsons gazelle, zebra, black rhino, buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion, fox, jackals, impalla and hippopotami in addition to the abundant bird species.

Lake Nakuru National Park is situated in the Rift Valley region of Kenya and comprises of the blue-green Lake Nakuru , bushy grasslands and yellow acacia woodlands, the Great Rift Valley Escarpments hills and ridges. The park’s swamps and marshes are home to water birds including the famed pink flamingo and around 450 terrestrial bird species. The buffalo, white rhino, zebra, giraffe, hyena and over 56 mammal species are in abundance. Your stay is in world class lodges such as the spectacular Sarova Lion Hill Lodge or Lake Nakuru lodge . Alternatively you have the option of pitching in special campsites namely Reedbuck, Nyuki, Nyati, Rhino, Soysambu, Chui and Naishi. Public Campsites at Bacpakers and Makalia equally provide additional camping options.

Aberdares National Park is situated in the central highlands of central Kenya. The 767 km2 park cuts through valleys and deeply forested habitat and slopes in the western region. The Black Rhino is among the wildlife to be spotted in the park together with elephant, Sykes monkey, colobus monkey, leopard, baboon and occasionally the bongo antelope - found in the bamboo forest – and the lion. The eland and serval cats are to be found higher up in the moorland. Wildlife and bird viewing is not all the park offers; picnicking while bird viewing the over 250 species of birds including the eagles, plovers and the Jackson’s Francolin is a must do. Trout fishing in the park rivers and waterfalls is available. Camping together with walking are ample activities to compound the park experience. The park is home to several luxurious lodges including the Treetops Lodge, famed for hosting Princess Elizabeth when she learnt that she had become a queen, after the death of her father.

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